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AVM 60

Performance Collection » AVM Series » A/V Processor

$2,999 each USD 


Manuals & Literature

Type Name Size Updated
Datasheet AVM 60 Datasheet - AVM-60_Datasheet.pdf 4.5 MB 8/02/2016
Literature AVM 60 Rack Kit Installation Sheet - mrx-x10-x20-avm60-rack-kit.pdf 1.9 MB 8/02/2016
Literature AVM 60 CAD Technical Drawings - avm-60-dimensions.pdf 0.5 MB 8/02/2016
Manual AVM 60 Manual (English) - avm-mrx-english-manual.pdf 13.2 MB 12/16/2016
Manual AVM 60 Manual (French) - avm-mrx-manual-french-113015-online.pdf 10.9 MB 8/02/2016

Remote Codes

Type Name Size Updated
Remote codes AVM 60 IP/RS-232 Serial Commands - MRX-x20-AVM-60-IP-RS-232.xls 89.6 KB8/02/2016
Remote codes AVM 60 IR Codes - AVM60-MRXx20-IR-hex.xlsx 126.1 KB8/02/2016
Remote codes Crestron AVM 60 module - Crestron-AVM60-MRXx20.zip 20,773.8 KB8/02/2016
Remote codes Control4 AVM 60 driver - Control4-AVM60-MRXx20.zip 2,058.2 KB8/02/2016
Remote codes Control4 drivers (external site link)  


Name Size Updated
Anthem Room Correction 2 v1.8.6502 13.3 MB 10/12/2017
AVM 60 Software Upgrade v1.3.079 6.4 MB 8/18/2017
Software Download & Extraction Instructional Video 0.0 MB 4/21/2017


AVM 60

8 months ago

Sound & Vision Top Pick
Score: 5/5 Audio Performance

Anthem AVM 60 A/V Processor Review

At the end of the day, I found Anthem’s AVM 60 a pleasure to use. Its sonics were without blemish, and its interface was clean, clear, and quick.

—Daniel Kumin, Sound & Vision
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AVM 60

10 months ago

Anthem AVM 60 11.2-Channel Pre/Pro Reviewed

As a reviewer, I must admit that it's easy to become a little jaded. Even some of the best components that arrive on my doorstep don't ultimately inspire me to part with my hard-earned money. After all, if I bought everything that I reviewed, I would be very, very poor. But every so often, I find an exceptional item. The AVM 60 is one of those exceptional items. It is as good as some of the finest two-channel music preamps, all the while offering stunning audio and video performance in home theater--along with world-class room correction software and compatibility with all the latest sound and video formats. It just looks so comfortable sitting there on my component rack, I think I'm going to just leave it there permanently as my new reference AV preamp. Be careful auditioning the Anthem AVM 60--you might just have to buy it, like I did.

—Myron Ho, HomeTheaterReview.com
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AVM 60

10 months ago

2016 Product of the Year
Score: 4.5/5

Anthem AVM 60 11.2CH Preamp/Processor Review

Anthem’s AVM 60 brings long-awaited immersive audio support to those who crave two-channel quality in a multi-channel preamp. Simply put, the AVM 60 is a sweet-sounding sonic powerhouse. Two-channel, multi-channel, or immersive audio are handled with all the finesse, detail, control, and emotion you’d expect in a high end preamp. Pair the AVM 60 with first-rate amplification and you’ll lose yourself over countless nights with any movie or artist you chose.

—Theo Nicolakis, Audioholics
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AVM 60

11 months ago

Reviewers' Choice

Anthem AVM 60 Audio/Video Processor

It sounded absolutely fantastic with movies, but I expected that. What I didn’t expect was how well it would reproduce two-channel recordings of music. In fact, the AVM 60 performed so well in my reference system as a stereo DAC-preamp that I was more than happy to listen to it as my primary two-channel source for the entire listening period -- a high compliment

—Roger Kanno, Soundstage! Network
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