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Power Amplifier

An electronic device that increases (i.e. amplifies) the power of the audio signal to levels suitable for driving speakers. Number of channels is often 2 channels for stereo systems and 5 or 7 channels for multichannel systems.

STR Series

STR Series is powering the future of audio by balancing extreme power and delicate transparency, with flawless signal integrity; the benchmark of stereo performance.

The revolutionary new STR Series is based on an entirely new platform. It gives you more control and more power, with more connection options and more advanced technology, with easy-to-use components. STR Series drives all of your entertainment options today, and tomorrow.

STR Power Amplifier

STR Series

Stereo power amplifier with 400W/600W/800W into 8/4/2 ohms

$6,499.99 each USD 

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