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Datasheet M1 Data Sheet - M1_Datasheet.pdf 1.39 MB 5/21/2022
Literature M1 CAD Technical Drawings - M1_Installer_Drawing.pdf 0.22 MB 5/21/2022
Manual M1 Owners Manual - M1_Owners_Manual.pdf 0.29 MB 5/21/2022



10 years ago

Product of the Year 2013

The 2013 SoundStage! Network Product of the Year Awards

Our Pioneering Design Achievement was created to recognize those products that break new ground, technically and/or sonically. Anthem’s Statement M1 mono amplifier, which Jeff Fritz reviewed for SoundStage! Ultra last January, is a perfect fit for this award.

—Doug Schneider, SoundStage! Network
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11 years ago


The Anthem Signature M1 does a number of things very well indeed. It’s immensely powerful, and goes exceptionally loud without any obvious drama, even when driving a known ‘difficult’ load, while the casework and heatsink fins remain merely warm at all power levels.

—Paul Messenger, Hi-Fi Plus
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11 years ago

The Overwhelming March of Technology: Anthem Statement M1 Mono Amplifiers

What I can unequivocally say is that the Anthem Statement M1 is darn near the ideal of a straight wire with gain, and at 1000W, that gain is almost unlimited.

—Jeff Fritz, SoundStage! Ultra
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11 years ago

Anthem Statement M1 Amplifier

Anthem’s Statement M1 amp is a technological tour de force that outputs an enormous amount of power from what seems to be an impossibly small and lightweight package...If you’ve got a big home theater space to fill and speakers that require a great deal of power, the Anthem M1s are certainly worth considering.

—Michael Fremer, Sound & Vision
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12 years ago

Anthem Statement M1

Anthem’s M1 is an unreserved success at the cutting edge of amplifier design. It delivers stunning clarity, excellent dynamics and frankly frightening power in a form factor that is practical and energy efficient. Bass maybe a little dry for tube aficionados, poor recordings get merciless shrift, but the M1 has the ability to thrill with any genre of music. It punches way above its weight in every respect.

—Paul Miller, Hi-fi News
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