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Manuals & Literature

Type Name Size Updated
Datasheet STR Integrated Amplifier - str_integrated_amplifier_datasheet.pdf 7.3 MB 7/14/2017
Literature STR Integrated Amplifier Technical Drawings - STR-Integrated-drawing.pdf 0.7 MB 9/28/2017
Literature STR Series Review and Award Summary - Anthem STR - Review Summary - January 2019b.pdf 2.1 MB 1/04/2019
Manual STR Integrated Amplifier Manual - anthem-str-integrated-amplifier-manual.pdf 6.0 MB 11/07/2018

Remote Codes

Type Name Size Updated
Remote codes STR Integrated Amplifier IR Codes - STR-IR-hex.xlsx 389.7 KB5/31/2017
Remote codes STR Integrated Amplifier IP/RS-232 Serial Commands - STR-IP-RS232.xlsx 31.3 KB6/07/2017
Remote codes Crestron STR Preamplifier & STR Integrated Amplifier drivers - Crestron-STR.zip 1,186.5 KB8/31/2018
Remote codes Control4 STR Preamplifier & STR Integrated Amplifier drivers - Control4-STR.zip 170.0 KB8/31/2018


Name Size Updated
Anthem Room Correction 2 v1.9.7092 13.3 MB 6/29/2018
STR Integrated Amplifier Software Upgrade v1.6.7424 1.1 MB 7/10/2018
USB Audio Driver Installer for Windows PC v4.11 1.7 MB 9/19/2017


STR Integrated Amplifier

3 months ago

Sound & Vision Top Pick of the Year and Sound & Vision Top Pick
Score: 5/5 Audio Performance

Anthem STR Integrated Amplifier Review

Anthem’s STR Integrated amplifier brings the benefits of the company’s excellent ARC room correction processing to a stereo-only component. And not just any stereo-only component, but a powerful, feature-packed unit with a 200 watts-per-channel amp, a DSD-compatible DAC, and separate moving magnet and moving coil phono inputs.

—Al Griffin, Sound & Vision
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STR Integrated Amplifier

4 months ago

TONE Product of the Year 2018

Anthem’s STR Integrated Amplifier: When You Just Want Everything

If you want an integrated amplifier that delivers major audiophile performance, sounds great, and offers major flexibility, this is the one you want. Designed and built in Canada, Anthem components have a long reputation for being rock solid, so if you do all the firmware updates, you just might be handing this one down to your kids.

—Jeff Dorgay, TONEAudio
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STR Integrated Amplifier

5 months ago

Review: Anthem STR Integrated - stereo with room correction [Dutch]

[Translated] The special feature of the STR Integrated is that it is no-nonsense at the same time and is still packed with useful technology. The sleek, undercooled appearance conceals that this Anthem contains functions that you do not often find elsewhere - and which are really useful.

—Jamie Biesemans, hifi.nl
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STR Integrated Amplifier

8 months ago

Recommended Reference Component

Recommended Reference Component: Anthem STR Integrated Amplifier-DAC

Vinyl isn’t the only audio sector that’s resurging these days -- integrated amplifiers, too, are back in style. But today, those who demand integrateds want much more than a preamp and power amp in a single box. They want not only the high power and sound quality of separate components, but also lots of features, digital and analog. Enter Anthem’s STR integrated amplifier-DAC ($4499 USD), which Roger Kanno reviewed for SoundStage! Hi-Fi last month. As Roger learned, the STR gives up little to separates in terms of power output and sound quality -- and its feature set can’t be matched by most other integrateds, or even separates.

—SoundStage! Hi-Fi Editors, SoundStage! Hi-Fi
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STR Integrated Amplifier

8 months ago

Stereophile 2018 Product of the Year Editor's Choice

Anthem Electronics STR D/A integrated amplifier

Most well-designed integrated amplifiers on today's market go about their jobs as such products always have, without altering a system's response in any significant way. That's fine, and one of them might be just right for your system and room. But despite the current popularity of analog, particularly vinyl, there are things that can be done with digital processing, particularly when performed at high enough bit and sampling rates to satisfy the never-CDers, that we've never been able to accomplish in the analog domain. In that regard, the Anthem STR is a watershed product worth serious consideration. Highly recommended.

—Tom Norton, Stereophile
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STR Integrated Amplifier

9 months ago

2018 Product of the Year: Innovation in Design

Anthem STR Integrated Amplifier-DAC

I can’t overstate how impressed I was by the execution of its overall design. In my years as an audio reviewer, the STR Integrated is one of the most impressive examples of a fully fledged audio product I’ve come across.

—Roger Kanno, SoundStage! Hi-Fi
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STR Integrated Amplifier

1 year ago

Anthem STR: The System is Not Needed [Russian]

[Translated] Brilliant release; Anthem STR marks the very synthesis of life style and high end, which many audiophiles waited for.

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